There is so much more to the Cocktail Audio/NOVAFiDELITY Music Database than you may have first thought! In its simplest form, the database allows you to access all your music collection, but there are features which are worth knowing so you can use the X10/X12/X30 to its full potential.  Features such as; sorting your collection A-Z and adding album artwork...

Pressing the INFO button when the MusicDB icon is highlighted will show you the total number of tracks, artists, genres and composers in your database.  It will also tell you how many tracks are being converted to compressed formats.  Pressing the MENU button when in the database will allow you to change the display order to Artist track, artist album, genre track etc.  Try pressing the TEXT/ART button and scroll through the display options!

When you are in the Music DB pressing the SORT key on the remote control will organise your music; alpha-numeric (A-9), numeric-alpha (9-A) or in the order in which the tracks appear on the CD.

Ripping a CD is easy, insert, wait for the CD Play/Rip icon to illuminate and then press MENU on the remote to rip.  When the tag data is displayed you can arrow down to the small CD icon in the bottom right hand corner, press OK and select album cover art from a number of different sources, this will then be added to your collection and will show on screen when that artist/album/track is playing.  You can also add cover art to existing entries in the DB.  Scroll to the track/album/artist, press MENU and select Cover Art, then choose the source e.g. Google.

* Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection required for adding cover art