Danish speaker manufacturer Clint Digital announces its Asgard™ speaker series to be ready for Spotify Connect in FULL MULTIROOM.   

"We are proud to be able to announce this feature and big upgrade for our Asgard™ series," says CEO Brian Larsen, Clint Digital "The update of Spotify Connect in full MultiRoom is only featured by very few A-brands, which makes it even more important for a small company like ours to be able to offer this great function."

All Asgard™ products reflects the tradition behind Danish design, Danish acoustics and the typical Nordic simplicity in materials, functionality and simple user interface.

The whole series of Asgard™ is developed in Denmark by Clint Digital and is designed by Danish designer Phillip Bodum.

To learn more about Spotify Connect please click here: https://www.spotify.com/us/connect/ 

The story behind Asgard™ speaker series
In Norse mythology, Asgard is the world of the Norse Gods and Goddesses, known for their toughness, endurance and power. But also quickness and simplicity are descriptive for these fabled and impressive Viking Gods. Based on the myths, the Danish audio/video and design company Clint Digital has developed the audio series Asgard™ by going back to basics with a clear approach for materials, design and functionality. The characteristics are reflected into all aspects of the audio products, from high-quality materials especially selected from top vendors right down to the simplicity of design and usability avoiding all unnecessary features and buttons.

Click here for product/purchase details on the Clint Asgard™ bluetooth and wi-fi speakers; Freya/Odin.

About Clint Digital

Clint Digital was founded in 2008. Behind the brand and launch were a group of well-established entrepreneurs in the field of digital audio and digital video with roots back to 1994 within this industry. The founders of Clint Digital were among the pioneers for digital radio products (DAB/DAB+/Internet radios etc.) in Northern Europe. The base and key foundation of Clint® is to provide well-designed and well-engineered products. Clint Digital takes pride in being an innovative and forward thinking company. The product range is mainly developed and designed in Denmark and is strongly focused on design and functionality. Clint Digital thrives to create products including state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated design and user-friendliness for everyone.